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Membership Terms & Conditions


MEMBERSHIP RULES: Memberships are to be used only for the members and families (if you have a family membership). A $5 fee will be charged per guest. No more than 3 guests or it will be considered a team and a team rate will applied. 


ENROLLMENT FEE: There is a one-time enrollment fee (price varies on membership). Memberships are month-to-month and you can cancel anytime with a 30 days notice. YOU MUST SIGN A CANCELLATION FORM to cancel membership. If you cancel your membership, you may sign up again at any time but will be charged another enrollment fee. 


SUSPENDING MEMBERSHIP: You may suspend your membership for up to 2 months in each calendar year. There is a $5.99/month freeze fee to put your membership on hold. It will automatically be re-activated at the end of the this period unless you notify TexElite Sports before the end of the 2 month period you want to cancel. Once it is reactivated, you must give a 30 day notice to cancel your membership. 


CAGE RENTAL CANCELLATION POLICY: To discourage over booking and to keep more cages open, we have a cancellation fee for no shows or cancellations made less than 3 hours before your reservation (30 minute members= $10 & 60 minute members=$15).


CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Cancellation of this Membership requires a 30-day notice. Once a signed cancellation notice has been given, you will be billed one final charge on the day of your re-occuring billing and then your membership will be terminated 30 days after your final charge. You will be able to use your membership until the end of those 30 days. To cancel your membership, you must come in to the TexElite Sports facility or email us at to request a cancellation form to fill out.   

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